Smart Automated Buildings Company


Experience and reliability

We started offering our services in 2010 in building automation field, remote control and Internet of things. We are proud of our elite team of specialists who are highly trained in Europe and East Asia to gain the best knowledge to earn our customers satisfaction.

Offer the latest technology

All our solutions that we provide are innovative and renewable on a daily basis, and we offer all new and technical through our partnership with international companies around the world in addition to our specialized team in home technologies and smart devices.

Environmentally friendly solutions

The innovative solutions we provide aim to achieve sustainability, energy savings, security and comfort through renewable and diversified innovations that care about the environment to provide sustainable smart solutions.

Ongoing technical support

Our services are integrated in all areas and solutions provided, we always strive to comfort our customers by providing the best services and products. We put customers and their desires and needs in the first place, in addition to providing after-sales services.



Smart Solutions

Smart Residential Solutions

For you home is more than just a place to spend time. Home is a special place that you seek to be convenient and comfortable, safe and secure. For us, we are the company who provide you with all your requirements of services and solutions to create a smarter and more luxurious home while reducing energy consumption.

Smart Commercial Solutions

The world is now heading for a technological revolution to provide an exceptional environment full of comfort and luxury in all the places where we spend our time. In our turn we are working to provide all means of comfort to you through our integrated services and renewable solutions in entertainment places, workplaces and all your whereabouts.

Our Accredited Certification from partners