Public Address System

Public address system is an electronic system that amplifies and presents sound through equipment like microphones and amplifiers. The system amplifies the virtual volume of recorded music, an instrument, or a human voice.

The purpose of the public address system:

Because the amplifiers in PAS systems enable a person to address a large audience, they can be employed in any public setting where the broadcaster's or performer's voice must be sufficiently audible over a vast area.

Public address systems are commonly used for social gatherings, musical performances, school assembly rooms, government service facilities, and emergency communications to fire alarm systems.

Many speakers make open announcements using the technology of PA systems in commercial and institutional buildings and structures, in addition to crowded areas like stadiums, airports, passenger ships, and aircraft.

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Components of the public address system:

All public address systems are mostly simple in design and do not consist of high-tech audio equipment.


The mechanism of installing public address systems in the automated building company:

Central Public Address System:

All loudspeaker devices are installed in the same location, e.g. in the middle of the hall ceiling.


Front Public Address System:

If the sound accompanies a visual event, the sound must also come from the direction of that event; Because the viewer becomes angry if the speaker's voice comes from another direction. In most cases, such an event occurs in the front of the room, for example on the stage. Speakers and amplifiers are usually placed to the left and right of the event, and the amplifier must also be installed at a sufficient height so that the sound pressure is not too high near the listeners, at least to prevent damage to the audience's hearing.

If the room in question is deep, loudspeakers can be installed along the wall or ceiling in order to ensure that the front signal remains clear. These headphones have to reproduce the sounds with a delay (set individually, depending on the distance from the front system). This gives the impression that the sound is coming straight from the stage.


Decentralized PAS Public Address System:

If directional grading support is not needed, in large spaces with low ceilings (e.g supermarkets) installing a front PA system is not useful. In such cases, it is better to use a decentralized PA system where speakers are installed when needed.

Generally, ceiling fixtures and components are evenly distributed over the effective area of the PA system, with the same spacing between all speakers. The required degree of clarity is an important factor in planning a decentralized PA system. This depends on several factors:

  • Ceiling height
  • Speaker coverage angle
  • Type of use (sound quality)


When the height of the loudspeaker installation, the effective range of the amplifier increases, and thus sound range increases at ear height (ear height ≈ 1.5 m above ground). On the other hand, the sound pressure is lower if the installation is at a lower altitude.

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