Intercom System

The intercom system is one of the fruits of advanced wired and wireless communication technology, which provided us with more comfort, luxury, protection and security. Many use it to protect their buildings, but it is difficult for many to choose or know the best types of it; Therefore, we will present here in detail the nature of the work of intercom devices, their features and all the types that we offer.

The nature of the installation of the intercom system from the automated building company

 The beginning of the intercom device is an internal communication device that is one of the forms of communication and communication between individuals, consisting of several pieces connected to each other. One of the pieces is installed on the door of the house, company, villa, apartment or any building, so the visitor presses the button on it to act as a bell that alerts those inside, and the internal pieces enable the inside to see who is outside and talk to him and open the door to him when desired by the device as well.

Modern intercom devices rely on advanced IP technology and are installed by connecting them to some modern communication systems.

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The advantages of our modern intercom devices:

The modern intercom devices available at the Automated Building Company have many advantages:

  • The control of closing or opening the door of the building is carried out only by one of the residents
  • The intercom is an integrated and effective protection system
  • Possibility to establish links with existing modern exchanges within the company
  • The potential to record calls with visitors
  • If you are not at home, he can divert the visitor's call to your mobile phone
  • The ability to capture high-quality video and photos of visitors
  • Control the opening and closing of the door with a mobile phone
  • The ability to track the departure and entry times of children at home or company employees
  • Night photography support
  • The ability to work without a power supply in adverse weather conditions.


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Automated Buildings Company is the installation and maintenance agent for the best types of intercom systems and parking guidance systems in Saudi Arabia.

Components of the modern intercom system: internal device + external panel + network wires + power supply

The intercom devices and systems that we offer at the Automated Building Company are one of the light current, security, and protection systems that have proven their worth in protecting many buildings and facilities in Saudi Arabia.

We install the best types of audio, video, and digital intercoms with the highest quality and the best price, so take the opportunity and contact our best technicians.

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