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Smart door locks are an essential starting point for transforming your traditional home into a smarter home. After returning from work after a long day, no one wishes to forget or lose his house keys to unlock your door, as it is a major problem that many people suffer from.

In addition, home protection is one of the most important priorities that interests us, and the security and safety of your family and home cannot be compromised, so it is necessary to use safe and reliable ones for your home device because smart locks play an important role in protection and security from all risks.

Thanks to technology that has evolved and developed greatly regarding that Automated Buildings Company offers a wide range of smart door locks triggers that enable you to open and close them in more than 6 smart ways, such as using a card or fingerprint " touchscreen "or through a smartphone app directly or through a special secret code.

Smart door locks are mainly classified into two main categories, according to where they are used or according to the opening method:

  • Types of smart door locks according to where they are used:

The smart locks for external doors:

It is the most common type, and it can be opened in several ways, such as the fingerprint, the card, and what goes beyond the image of the face.

Smart locks for the residential door buildings:

for apartments, generally used in the places of renting the house or rooms and residential hotels. It is unlocked via passwords, Bluetooth, and access cards.

Hotel smart door locks Indoor/outdoor:

This kind generally is used in hotels; the functions are relatively individual. RFID key card is the only choice for hotel smart locks in all internal rooms.

Smart lock for villa doors:

this type is dedicated to villa security doors. Its difference from home locks lies in its appearance, as its stability is higher and the material it is made of is better, and therefore its prices are more expensive.

Smart office door locks:

this one is an integrated unit specially designed for glass doors in offices and is also used in shopping malls and office areas.


  • Types of smart door locks according to the opening method:

Smart door lock by fingerprint:

this type is locked and unlocked by verifying your fingerprint scanner.

Smart keypad lock with password:

If a password is used to unlock the deadbolt, you can specify five custom numbers as the password with the ability to set numbers as encryption for the primary password, to provide greater security.

Smart Face Recognition Lock:

These locks are more secure and convenient for the user.

Bluetooth smart lock:

You can control it by connecting the phone's Bluetooth to the door lock, unlocking the phone is more secure; it has a password lock or fingerprint reader lock in addition to Bluetooth.

Smart lock for the mobile application:

By installing an electronic lock, you can unlock the lock remotely from any point in the world when connected to a Wi-Fi network, so that you can control the people inside your entire home and prevent intruders from entering them with notifications and a signal arriving at every attempt to open it.


Smart Door Locks Features includes:

  • Interacting with smart locks by smartphones: Virtual keys provide a valuable security risk option to easily lock and unlock doors' existing deadbolts locks mechanism and replace it. You can control your locks and other smart home devices by using a single smartphone app.
  • Smart locks enhance connectivity: Incorporating into your security system increases connectivity between all your devices. You can lock and unlock the deadbolt remotely.
  • Gives you temporary access to your home and alerts you to the arrival and departure of guests.
  • More secure than the traditional lock, and gives a better aesthetic touch to the place.
  • Increase accessibility without compromising security.
  • Simplify protection control


How to choose the best types of smart door locks?

If you want to buy a suitable smart lock for your home or office, then you should check out these tips to get suitable smart electronic door locks:

  • It is recommended to use the smart door lock, which is more secure than the traditional door lock and provides complete protection against theft and intrusion.
  • It is recommended to choose a practical smart lock picks that enables you to control it remotely, and it can be opened and operated in more than one way.
  • It is recommended to use smart locks made of durable materials that are able to resist weathering factors, and are anti-scratch and breakage.
  • Choose a compatible lock that works including fingerprint apps, or by connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and connect WIFI.
  • Use the automatic lock feature and the operating system to ensure that it is working properly, and to turn on the alert feature to avoid fires or thefts.


Some of the multiple smart locks products that are provided by Automated Buildings Company “recommend locks”:


YDG313 Shine Smart Door Lock handle for Glass Doors

Its features:

  • Password: 4-12 digits
  • Cards for up to 20 users
  • Elegant mirror shaped touchpad
  • Easy to install and no additional parts are required to install.


Smart Door Lock YDR3110 (for wooden and metal doors)

Its features:

  • Various accessibility "PIN code and physical card key"
  • Smart/Digital touch panel
  • Revoke the card in case of loss for greater security
  • Automatic alarm when there is intrusion or damage
  • Alarm in case of low battery.


Ultraloq UL3 BT. 5-in-1 Smart Electronic Door Lock for Entry

Its features:

  • It is unlocked in five ways Bluetooth, fingerprint, encrypted pin, click to unlock, smartphone shake, and spare key.
  • Complete control of your internal housing with only one touch.
  • Share remote access to your guests
  • Protecting you and your data
  • Smartphone app
  • Ease of installation


U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart Lock “ wireless connection ”

inclouds features:

  • The door is unlocked in 6 unconventional ways
  • No more wondering if you’re closed/locked because of smarts Auto-Lock trigger “automatic door lock”, Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi will lock the door automatically.
  • Manage the access of every person and every door in your home with the app, from anywhere.
  • You can give visitors temporary codes or electronic keys for scheduled access.
  • Door sensor to detect the owner nearby. You can share an E-key to open the door.


Smart Door Locks and other services and solutions, residential and commercial, that we offer in Automated Buildings Company. all solutions that we can provide you with the best comfort, safety, and easy smart life experience with the best price offers.

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