Social responsibility

Social Responsibility

The Automated Buildings Company realizes the concept of social responsibility and its importance in achieving sustainable development, as a commitment of the company towards all from its investors, consumers, employees, society, and the environment. The activities of the Automated Buildings Company are crystallized in the field of social responsibility. Within 5 main areas; "artificial intelligence" as artificial intelligence helps in sustainability efforts, thus increasing efficiency, "green buildings" by designing buildings in a manner that respects the environment, taking into account reducing the consumption of energy, materials and resources, “environmentally friendly products” by providing products that  take into consideration environmental regulations and preserve all the environment and do not harm plants, “training and education” where the company provides training missions for employees to suit their needs and send them periodic missions to Europe and East Asian countries, "the community" the company supports many events that fall within these activities by establishing partnerships and communication with different spectra of society and contribute to its activities.