ABC can supply a wide range of electrical building wires with thermoplastic PVC insulation for general purpose applications such as for supplying power and lighting in buildings. They are intended for use in the indoor fixed installation, distribution in conduits as well as in closed installation ducts, and is ideal for the internal wiring of appliances and apparatus. 

ABC offers a wide range of cables and wires for a variety of applications. We offer building wires, overhead conductors, power, signal, communication and data cables, PV Solar cables. All our cables and wires meet the highest standards in quality, safety, and reliability. We also offer PVC compounds and a range of wooden reels for the storage of wires and cables.

Types of electrical cables depending on their use

Electrical cables and their sizes vary according to the variety of functions used in them, and accordingly we find the following types:

  1. low voltage cables
  2. power cables
  3. armored cables
  4. rubber cables
  5. Halogen-free cables
  6. fire survival cables
  7. control cables
  8. solar cables
  9. hardware cables

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