Central Clock System

The central clock system for Saudi smart facilities consists of the main central clock, which in turn feeds a number of subsidiary clocks so that all the clocks of the system follow one timing, which is the timing of the central clock.

This system is one of the most popular low current systems that you can use if you need time accuracy and the stability of the time value displayed on all devices and clocks in the place, such as hospitals, airports, banks, stadiums, and factories.


Your guide to the central clock system (master central clock system and slave clocks) that we offer!

The main central clock system that we install at Smart Automated Building Company is an electronic device that provides time synchronization signals to a number of slave clocks on the network. A master time clock usually keeps the exact time from a device clock source, such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, or other accurate time sources.

A slave clock is a device that usually relies on the master clock to get an accurate time. A number of slave clocks synchronize with the master clock to provide an accurate time display. These clocks have many shapes and sizes, either with one face and mounted on the walls or with two sides and fixed in the ceiling. They can also communicate with the main clock either through a cable or a short-range wireless signal. Slave clocks typically communicate on a clock network, which is either a simple wired serial network, a wired pulse signal, or a more complex Ethernet network.


For more information about the central clock system, watch the video below:


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