Fire alarm System

A fire alarm system alerts people in facilities when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other fire-related emergencies are detected. These alarms are activated automatically by smoke and heat detectors or by manual fire alarm activators.

Fire alarms can be bells or wall-mountable sound devices. They can also be loudspeakers broadcasting an alarm, followed by an audible evacuation message warning people inside the building not to use the elevators.

We supply and install conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, in addition, we are approved to apply for civil defense according to an approved certificate from the Ministry of Interior.

Types of fire alarm systems that we offer at Automated Buildings Company:

1- Normal fire alarm and extinguishing system

2- Addressable fire alarm system to put out fires

The following image shows the types and the differences between them


Types of Fire Alarm Systems in Buildings / Conventional Ordinary System and Addressable Fire Alarm System

Protect your place with a fire alarm from the Auto Building Company, which provides installation and maintenance services for all types of fire alarm and extinguishing systems.

Learn with us about the components of the early fire alarm system in establishments:

1- Fire alarm and extinguishing system panel (control panel)

2- Fire Alarm System Detectors:

smoke detector

heat detector

Glass breaker or manual firing unit

gas detector

Optical Detectors:

They are of two types:

The first: it can detect light in the ultraviolet spectrum.

The second: It can detect light in the infrared spectrum.

3- Feeding and charging unit

4- External connections

5- Bells - sirens

6- Gas or liquid cylinders for the fire alarm system (Fire Extinguishers)


Technical specifications for the components of fire alarm systems for the automated building company:

  • The detectors operate on a constant voltage of 8 to 26 V DC where the detectors for each alarm zone are connected in series by two wires.
  • It always works efficiently even at temperatures up to 80°C.
  • It works efficiently in a climate with a relative humidity of up to 95%.
  • It senses the invisible and combustion gases of various types of smoke.
  • The detector is resistant to moisture, dust and rust and does not allow insects to enter it
  • The degree of protection according to the specifications of the international body
  • It's the kind that gets replaced by another flashlight
  • The system has the ability to give an alarm when one of the flashlights is taken off its base.

You can visit the government website to learn about the most important symbols and specifications of firefighting systems in anticipation of any emergency


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To reserve and buy fire extinguishing systems - fire alarm systems in the facilities, contact the automated building company, which provides you with installation, operation and maintenance services at the best prices, highest quality and the longest warranty period.

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