Energy Saving

Organizations in any industry can adopt IoT devices, including smart thermostats and lighting systems, to reduce their electrical consumption and make buildings more sustainable.
Automated Buildings Company can help buildings owners and facilities managers to make energy saving in their buildings in order to save money and make the buildings more efficient. We have various solutions to provide based on a thorough study for the case of required building. 

Types of energy saving solutions:

Two types of IoT sensors in particular monitor and respond to changing needs of building occupants: smart thermostats and lighting systems. By using smart thermostats and lighting systems to monitor the real-time energy consumption of a building, facility managers can change the schedule of energy use by some of the electronics in a building to reduce demand during peak hours.

Smart thermostats

IoT smart thermostats are an effective means of reducing heating and cooling costs. Many modern IoT smart thermostats have greater functionality for better temperature control, which can lead to even greater energy savings. IoT sensors can learn through data how to adjust the temperature based on habits and according to occupancy. Monthly energy reports can show trends of use for greater visibility and understanding of patterns. 

Smart lighting systems

Another example of using IoT for energy efficiency is with smart lighting systems, where Wi-Fi-enabled LED lights -- which in and of themselves offer great energy savings -- can be controlled based on schedules, motion or sound to turn on and off as needed and avoid excessive lighting energy use.

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