Surveillance camera systems are combining processes between equipment, tools, cameras, software, and security systems for transmitting and recording images and video for long and short distances monitoring to improve and ensure inside and outside safety. also protection includes your home, office, facilities, buildings, and companies.

 Surveillance cameras highlight their importance in the security aspects and sector as they help in the rapid identification of risks to protect and secure people and physical assets from burglars criminals and accidents.

Recorded photos and videos help in the investigation revealed solving issues and problems. Detailed recordings help answer questions for the possibility of retrieving the facts and facial recognition.

Applying security systems could achieve an invaluable perception of security and protection concepts, as they help you follow the movements in your home and alert and warn the occupants of the house in the event of any danger automatically through your smartphone application.

Automated Buildings Company offers a wide range of smart solutions such as smart surveillance cameras and a variety of types with accessories and tools that guarantee you an optimal solution that meets your requirements, and at a very competitive price not to forget to mention the qualified and expert teams that we have. Surveillance cameras that we provide record sound, image, and HD video with the possibility for full clarity night photography and a wide field of vision angles sight for smart home and residential uses.


Types of smart surveillance cameras that we offer and provide at Automated Buildings Company:

1- based on the camera's places and locations

  • Indoor surveillance cameras "for home and office"

Wireless indoor surveillance cameras (no wire) enable you to monitor and check on your home, apartment, building, family and employees from anywhere in the world.

It is connected to the Internet networks Wi-Fi enables you to shoot high-definition video and the possibility of direct communication via screens with audio and video via two-way conversation, with night vision technology and motion sensors.

  • Outdoor surveillance cameras "for the external purpose for gardens and open spaces"

Outdoor surveillance cameras enable you to monitor your belongings wherever you are. We provide you with the best outdoor surveillance cameras for homes with the ability to shoot HD quality video with tilt and pan features according to the movement of individuals and all objects outside with automatic lights and lighting at night with infrared lighting features.

  • Front door surveillance cameras

answer the door no matter where you are via smart cameras connected to your smartphone or via the control panel. Available in several types, including (12-megapixel - 8-megapixel - solar-powered - hidden wireless cameras, hidden Wi-Fi) surveillance cameras.

  • IP surveillance cameras

IP Cam. is an ideal choice for professional applications, as it provides intelligence, efficiency, and convenience for ideal monitoring for homes and businesses.

Surveillance cameras provide great image quality in challenging lighting environments. Key features include high display resolution and intelligent analytics, and with so many options, the high performance and storage requirements of enterprise projects can be easily met.


2- based on the camera's shape

  • Surveillance Cameras " BOX "

It is a smart camera made of materials that are resistant to heat, rain, sunlight, and other factors such as dirt and dust. It is used in roads, streets, densely populated areas, or for traffic lights "outdoor" of a prominent rectangular shape, and it is equipped with a night vision lens.

  • Surveillance Cameras " DOME "

Its name came from its round shape, characterized by its streamlined shape, small and light size, it is installed on walls and ceilings, and it is not eye-catching and is widely used in homes and companies.

  • surveillance cameras " IP "

it is equipped with a microprocessor and RAM that is used in spaces with small spaces. It is considered one of the easiest surveillance cameras in terms of installation and maintenance, as it contains a network card and is connected to a normal internet cable, and there is another type of wireless that works wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

  • Smart Digital Video Camera

It is an energy-saving camera that works when people are present only “detecting their presence through sound or movement” through sensors, including ray-based sensors, designed to detect the movement of objects or humans.

after that, it begins to move towards the target, focus on it and follow it, and when the target is away From the viewing angle, it sends a signal to the cameras next to it to follow the moving target and determine its location. Another type is based on hearing voice recognition or identifying the source of different sounds.

we also provide a complete collection of commercial and residential smart homes solutions that serve your needs, desires and meet your budget for sure


Important tips before buying surveillance cameras:

  1. The type of camera to be installed in the place must be chosen carefully, as the use of the wrong ones in the place, no matter how high they are, may give a negative effect. The type and capabilities of a surveillance camera differ according to the different places where it is to be installed. There may be a surveillance camera suitable for use to monitor an entire company or a factory, and it cannot be used to monitor children at home, and so on.
  2. The specific place for installing the surveillance camera controls and equipment, on the other hand, the selection of the surveillance camera which is used in an indoor place differs than that is used in an outdoor place because the outdoor ones must have an external structure Durable to protect from sunlight, moisture and all other factors to which it is exposed, and these factors must be taken into account in external systems.
  3. Think carefully before choosing the company to buy a surveillance camera - do not waste your time and money with the sector of start-up companies.
  4. You must know the country of origin.
  5. We recommend buying cameras with a warranty, especially at high prices ones.
  6. By following all the tips you will definitely achieve and meet your expectation, needs, safety, and privacy.

Automated Buildings Company offers the best types of surveillance cameras and CCTV systems in Saudi Arabia | various cameras suitable for all places and spaces | Wireless indoor outdoor home surveillance cameras work with mobile and Wi-Fi and has several forms | High-resolution audio and video recording, request a price quote that suits you. 

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