Guest Room Management System

Saudi Arabia Hotel Guest Room Management System (GRMS) has been specifically designed to ensure an impeccable and satisfying experience for your hotel guests and exceed their expectations. The hotel industry is huge, and finding cost-effective ways to manage hundreds of thousands of rooms is essential in any hotel. Our smart solutions are based on interactive technology that complements the exceptional experience you seek and want for your guests.

Discover how our guest room management system can keep your visitors satisfied! 

Our hotel room management systems enhance the guest experience, increase efficiency and reduce costs.


GRMS installation in hotels by Automated Building Company

The hotel sector can benefit from the guest room management systems offered by Intelligent Auto Buildings Company. These systems are scalable, easy to use, and cost-effective, helping your customers control lighting, temperature, privacy, and security.

The Guest Room Management System can be installed in new and existing hotels, with the greatest opportunity to save energy. We have wired systems for new construction and wireless system solutions for the retrofits of existing hotels.



Guest Room Management System Applications:

Lighting control system - Air conditioning control - Automatic window and blind opening control - Integration of access control system and smart door lock - Integration with multiple hotel systems.

All of these features are provided by powerful smart room controllers that provide multi-language support, and by elegantly designed products that blend beautifully with your décor.

Our Guest Room Management System (GRMS) enables you to realize significant financial savings during hotel operation and maintenance, thanks to effective room controls and seamless integration of system components.




GRMS in Saudi hotels is an advanced technological system that has achieved a distinct digital experience in the hotel world.

To learn more about the system,you can watch this video:

Focus on what guests feel in the building and what they want to achieve, enhance their comfort and modernize your hotel with our guest room control solutions to deliver the ultimate in room comfort and enjoyment.

When designing the system for your hotel, we offer you smart solutions that are well-made and executed. It works in harmony with the leading architecture and interior design. This underscores our commitment to energy and productivity for a better world.

In our company, we offer many smart system solutions for facilities and buildings in Saudi Arabia, including:

  • Low current systems
  • Electrical supplies and systems
  • network system
  • Security and protection systems

Do not hesitate to request a hotel room management system and a nurse call system to get the best system and service at the best price and the fastest time.

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