Our services that we provide are diverse and integrated, starting with the design stage - supplying - programming and operating - installation and ending with the maintenance stage to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the best service and quality.


In Automated Buildings Company we design and plan smart buildings projects for electric and low current systems, we provide shop drawings and assist in BOQ extraction.


We supply products for electric and low current systems such as fire alarm, surveillance cameras, sound system, and various low current systems needed by the client's project. We have strong partnership with manufacturers all over the world to meet our customers' requirements and gain their satisfaction.

Programming and operating

We program building management systems using global protocols such as KNX, Bacnet and Modbus. In addition, we make solutions based on IoT, IP and automation. We use Internet protocols in addition to programming wireless protocols such as Z-wave and zigbee.


We provide installing services for smart solutions and products for residential homes and commercial facilities in addition to electrical networks and low current systems according to the highest standards as we work closely with project stakeholders such as owners, consultants, architects and other contractors.



We offer maintenance services for low current systems in addition to fulfilling the requirements of civil defense with regard to fire alarm systems, fire-fighting, and surveillance cameras.