The Nurse Call system

The Nurse Call system is the most efficient technique to increase hospital service effectiveness. It allows patients to contact the nurse's station as they can provide them with exceptional healthcare better and faster. The patient presses the call button to notify the nurse that there is an issue or that he has a request. 

This technology allows providing the best medical care and service by displaying the room or bed number on the statement board in the nurse's area.

Additionally, because every second counts in a patient's life, we at Automated Buildings Company offer you the best nurse call systems worldwide.


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You can use nurse call systems in hospitals, clinics, treatment centers, nursing homes, and all medical care service centers.

Attached is a video explaining the system, its components, where to use it, and how it works.


These systems notify when a patient requests help by pulling the call key, which in turn issues an audio and light alert at the location of the nursing staff, which ensures a speedy response to the patient's request and provides a quick and distinguished service to patients that preserves their health and safety.


Specifications of nurse call system we provide for hospitals:

The nurse call system that we install is by its nature easy to use for all patients and allows them to call in emergency cases from inside their rooms through call units next to the patient’s bed and inside the bathrooms (Bathroom tensioner) as well, and it can be used for more than one patient in the same room. The room has a key to cancel the summons or the emergency request, and there is also a light bulb outside the room that shows the status of the summons request.


Some of the questions we get when introducing the Nurse Call System:

  • What about the installation service of the hospital nurse call system we offer?

We can provide design, installation, and maintenance services throughout the Kingdom by a group of the best technicians and engineers who are distinguished by their professionalism and accuracy.

  • What are the smart solutions systems we offer in the automated building company?

Light current systems solutions - electrical systems - security and protection systems - network systems

  • What about the technical support service provided to customers?

We have a specialized team that provides you with services at the highest level. It also responds to your inquiries, follows up on you, and provides solutions and technical support before and after the installation.


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