Gate Barriers

What is gate barrier system?

The main role of gate barriers is to prevent the access of unauthorized vehicles and to provide the inconvenience to those who have permission to enter and be controlled at any time during the day. Barriers are an effective way to increase security in buildings and have another importance is to monitor the number of vehicles or people passing through a certain control point. And the barrier automatically blocks vehicles that do not have an entry permit, either for customers or employees in the hotel or companies who have prior permission. They can bypass this gate through the room card, membership card or job card and they do not need to carry more than one card or take permission from the parking. It is a weather resistant and suitable for large buildings.

How do you open the barrier gate?

You're given a small remote with a button on it. As you approach the gate, you press the button to lift the barrier. These can be distributed to residents or employees.

Gate barriers can be seen almost everywhere in saudi arabia, from the urban areas to the suburbs, barrier gates have become the frontline of security in car parks of housing areas, shopping malls, office buildings etc.

Is your commercial property vulnerable to break-ins or intruders? Alternatively, do you need to control who has access to areas due to health and safety legislation? If so, it’s time to step up your security barriers or steel gates. Let us talk you through the set-up, options and products available.



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