KFSH Room pressure monitoring system

In this modern era, with a lot of new diseases & viruses, we must take utmost care regarding the spreading of
these viruses especially from the patient rooms, testing labs, & research labs, of big multi-specialty hospitals.
This is the challenge we ABC as a subcontractor have taken along with Honeywell to monitor & control this
spreading of viruses from these hospital environments with the help of ‘The Air Pressure Monitoring System

We are continuously monitoring & controlling over 334 rooms including patient rooms, testing labs, research
labs, operation theatre, pharmacy, etc. at King Faisal Specialty Hospital & Research Center, Takasusi, Riyadh
with the help of different sensors such as precision differential pressure sensors, CO2, humidity & temperature
sensors in addition to the airflow sensors for the duct and these parameters are manipulated and directly
showing on the screen which is installed in front of each room to provide a critical alarm to the doctors as well
as a nurse to monitor the present condition of the room and also these are centrally monitored by the BMS room
personals to control the HVAC environment at each room. This communication is through 24 DDC panels
dedicatedly for APM systems all over the project.