Smart Building Systems

Smart Building Systems

For ideal buildings control, a smart control system has been provided that creates an environment full of luxury, starts from the entry of the customer or employee to the place, where they can insert the entry key card, then the room, via audio or via TV systems, welcomes them, opens the curtains automatically and adjusts the air conditioning on a certain temperature automatically according to outside temperature, and turn on the lights directly or gradually, and gives a signal to the reception that the individual is inside the place to receive all the attention. It also allows the individual to use all the services of the building while they are sitting and enjoying their place. The curtains can be lowered according to the weather sensor or the lighting of the rooms and the exhaust fans, and then they are closed automatically, as the lights are turned off five minutes after leaving the place and closing the exhaust fans after a quarter of an hour. In addition to all the smart solutions, they all feature an exceptional design that harmonizes with all decorations, by integrating lighting, curtains, sound systems and room temperature with one key.

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