Security systems

Security systems

The security systems in the Automated Buildings Company specialize in control panels for home monitoring for individuals who are looking for professional solutions to control all existing systems and equipment package to include all devices to avoid theft and gas leakage and all protection devices up to the laminated glass, access controls systems, alarms, surveillance cameras, and control smart home systems to include 256 jobs.


Through the security systems, the system is controlled via a smartphone, mobile app or tablet through applications and app dedicated to remote control of all functions and systems which can be controlled via Wi-Fi. In addition, it provides you with immediate notifications to ensure the safety of the home completely, and in the event of any threat, you will be immediately notified to reduce the risk to ensure a high level of security.


The Internet of Things has made it easier than ever for property security and safety systems to create a smart home integration where you can remotely control door locks, lights, thermostats, and lawnmowers using your smartphone and an app, and it has made it easy to monitor your home from virtually anywhere.


Even if you're not ready to install fully customized security systems, there are plenty of single devices available that allow you to monitor your home from anywhere using your phone or tablet, including indoor and outdoor security cameras, video doorbells, extra motion sensors, and smart locks/ lock.


Smart home security and safety systems connect to your Wi-Fi network so you can monitor and control your integrated security devices using your smartphone and the app. Security systems for access control systems usually include some door and window sensors and motion detectors, and these devices are controlled using one or more wireless protocols such as Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, or a private network.


You can add additional sensor options for doors and windows to provide a strong and difficult to penetrate home, office and corporate security system and build integrated security systems that include door locks and garage door control and security and surveillance systems that include pro monitoring devices such as internal and external surveillance cameras, time attendance devices, lights, sirens and smoke/first detectors Carbon dioxide and water sensors, entry and exit control systems, and many more.


Automated Buildings Company provides smart security systems with components and options that work together in a seamless environment and can be changed according to the requirements of individuals and companies with ease and according to what requires safety for the place.


For example, lighting or lights turn on when motion is detected; doors unlock when a smoke alarm goes off, and have the camera start recording when the sensor is triggered, saving power, batteries and storage space. Some security systems store recorded video on an SD card or a DVR/NVR hard drive, while others provide cloud storage.


The importance of having modern security systems in your facility or home:

• Protection of the facility by providing 24/7 security monitoring service and practices without the need for a permanent presence in the place.

• Controlling the entry and exit of persons while preventing the entry of undesirable individuals.

• Controlling and monitoring the entry of cars and preventing the entry of unwanted or suspected cars that may harm the facility.

• Ensuring that employees carry out their duties to the fullest and that the behavior of maids, nannies and security personnel is disciplined.

• Protection of facilities from thefts by providing integrated security systems devices.

• Protection of companies, homes, offices and gardens from all causes of fires and gas leaks.

• Early detection of danger before it occurs and damages aggravate.

• Monitoring illegal events in public places and reporting them immediately to the competent authorities.

• Control all the smart facility devices through a single remote control device or through a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

• Monitor your children and ensure their safety.

• Instant notifications to your phone or remote control when a door is opened, closed, entry is requested or any danger occurs with fast response times.



The Automated Buildings Company is one of the best security system solutions providers in Saudi Arabia and has obtained the exclusive agency from the Polish company specialized in smart security systems and safety SATEL, which allows Automated Buildings Company to keep abreast of everything new and provide the best smart security solutions, both wired and wireless security systems all you could pick.


Smart Security Systems & devices that we provide in our Automated Buildings Company:


INT-TSI touch keypad is a central control system for smart homes:

Its Main Features:

Easy to use, wide control, easy to install.

Control all devices with only one touch of a button.

An elegant and attractive shape that suits modern homes.


Innovative outdoor dual technology motion detectors OPAL & OPAL Plus:

Its main features:

Accurate and effective movement detection.

Easy to install.

Suitable for large outdoor spaces.

Innovative precise remote control.

Withstand harsh weather.

Animal motion detection.


DG-1 ME Methane Gas Detector “For Kitchen”

Its main features:

Immediate gas leak detection and alarm sirens.

Call the competent authorities and open windows and doors automatically.

Send an immediate notification to the owner of the house to alert him.

After the danger has passed, the occupant of the house will be notified by sending another notice.


FD-1 Water Leak Detector for "offices and Houses"

Its main features:

Easy to install and attractive compact appearance.

Protect home belongings from ruin.

Alert before the water reaches the electrical supply.

When a leak is detected, an alarm will sound.

Sending a direct notification to the homeowner to do the necessary


order now a special offer and pick the right security system with the right price offer that fulfills your desires and needs.


security systems and other services and solutions, residential and commercial, that we offer in Automated Buildings Company. all solutions that we can provide you with the best comfort and safety smart life experience with the best price offers.


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