Intercom system

Intercom system

Automated Buildings Company offers intercom systems for simple and complex systems, whereby the system makes voice-only or audio-visual communications on a stand-alone basis for use within a building or for a large number of independent apartments, it works independently from the public telephone network, contains a central control unit and a unit Indoor or more, the outdoor unit consists of a small high-definition camera equipped with night vision, a microphone and a speaker to provide sound, and a set of keys with the number of the indoor units. The indoor unit consists of a large screen to view the image, a speaker and a microphone to listen to the sound with a control key to lock and open the outer door and some doors can be linked entrances with several cameras and several locks. Intercom is classified as a single system for many applications, because it includes several technical devices such as a computer, a surveillance camera system, and an access control panel that is centrally operated for a large number of entrances via direct telephony, mobile phone networks, or IP networks.

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