Fire alarm and extinguishing system

Fire alarm and extinguishing system

One of the most important objectives of Automated Buildings Company is to ensure the safety of customers and employees and provide them with comfort and convenience. One of the most important considerations is to save lives when fires occur inside buildings, so it is necessary to inform and warn people inside the building as soon as the fire occurs so that they can leave before the fire spreads and spreads and they cannot escape. When a fire has occurred, the primary task of the alarm system is to record and detect the fire and convert that into an electrical signal that operates the alarm and sends this signal to the control and control panel, where it immediately operates a light and sound signal with the purpose of warning the person responsible for the main control panel of the presence of the fire by providing an early warning until It helps in evacuating the building and fighting the fire initially by trained personnel and by means of the specialized equipment, after which the air inlets are closed in order to put out the fire and then the air duct is opened to remove the smoke. It is worth noting that the Automated Buildings Company has a special license to deliver buildings directly to the civil defense teams by making the necessary coordination to overcome the problem and solve it as soon as possible, and when it is confirmed that safety is reached, it is reported through the control panel and public address systems.

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