Building Management System

Building Management System

BMS is a computer-based on Internet of Things control system installed in buildings to manage and monitor all building equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems and security systems. We are developing these systems to make people’s life easier, starting with the building workers to facilitate their work tasks. It also makes the maintenance and operation managers able to know the status of the rooms, whether the guests are in or not without knocking on the doors, as it also allows them to adjust the room temperature for customers or employees from outside the room according to their preferred temperature and follow their comfort through the do-not-disturb option. The control panels also enable them to control all the options by exploiting all the features with one touch only.
Building management systems also include disaster-response mechanisms such as fire alarm systems; if a fire is detected, the fire alarm panel automatically shuts down the ventilation system to stop the spread of smoke, turns on smoke evacuation fans, and sends all elevators to the ground floor on and off to prevent people from using them.

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