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Video surveillance enables fast localization of threats and protects persons and material assets. If worst comes to worst, detailed recordings help answer questions. A broad range of cameras, components, and accessories guarantees an optimal video solution for your specific requirements and budget. Video surveillance makes an invaluable contribution to a well-conceived security concept in any sector. In addition to classic security tasks such as perimeter surveillance and protecting the external shell against vandalism, intrusion and industrial espionage, video systems can also be used for process optimization and to increase occupational safety. During critical situations, the surveillance video from your camera will allow you to maintain an overview at all times. After an incident has occurred, the video recordings allow you to reconstruct the events quickly and clarify the circumstances. The product range includes surveillance cameras and recording devices for virtually all fields of application. We provide a unique and extensive product portfolio, which includes both analog video technology (CCTV) and IP-based video surveillance as well as innovative hybrid solutions.