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Touch Screens

Touch screen combines the functions of a house control, an infotainment centre and entertainment centre in one attractive masterpiece




The Busch- ComfortTouch combines the functions of a house control, an infotainment centre and entertainment centre in one attractive masterpiece. With the Busch- ComfortTouch, you can operate or dim the lights, control your blinds, regulate the room temperature or create scenes from a combination of the functions listed – even by remote control. You can increase the security of your house through presence simulation, alarm and information messages. And if you want to know who is at the door or outside the house, then switch the camera to exterior view and you will immediately feel secure. You can also use the brilliant audio player for MP3 files and a video player to play films. You can leave voice and graphic messages for other family members, access e-mails, track up-to-date stock market news, have a look at the weather or the latest traffic reports or simply set a wake-up alarm. And all this with an intuitive Touch Control, supported by a novel colour coding system. So you will certainly soon find that you do not want to be without the Busch- ComfortTouch anymore.



As diverse as life itself

 With Busch- priOn you can control and monitor the whole room at the same time. Light, scenes, timer, blind control, heating control – all functions are performed intuitively via a rotary regulator. The 8,89cm (3.5’’) TFT display shows all information clearly. Busch- priOn is not style frame bound and can be a modular design layout. Freely programmable functions, such as light scenes, blind functions or particular lights can be called up using the switch rockers. Busch- priOn can be ideally adapted to all customer requirements. There is a choice of three high-quality design versions: “glass white”, “glass black” and stainless steel with anti-fingerprint coating.

SMARTtouch panel

smart touch

The SMARTtouch panel provides maximum comfort - a central switching location allowing the entire technology in the home to be monitored and regulated. It can be implemented for arranging and calling up entire scenes. New: Audio and video devices can now also be controlled via the SMARTtouch panel in combination with an additional device and integrated in the scenes. The operation of the SMARTtouch panel via an infrared hand-held transmitter is particularly comfortable; it can control up to ten connected devices or functions. The development of the device has also been enhanced where userfriendliness is concerned - the clear overview on the screen shows up to ten touch surfaces or eight operating buttons that can be activated with the finger tip or a pen.PDA-S It is even possible to record user-defined scenes as so-called macros, i.e. complete sequences. The technology that lies behind it is based on the KNX system that also offers the possibility of transmitting information via the available power supply system. KNX-S In this way hardly any new cable has to be laid if one wishes to enjoy the benefits of the SMARTtouch panel.

denro ONE RoomController

denro one

The ease of use of the denro ONE RoomController makes your heart beat faster: Excellent and easy to understand technology meets a clear, functional design that allows an intuitive operation through the touch panel and the control knob of the room controller. Users can control lighting, power, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, blinds and home entertainment from this one powerful control device. This unique system essentially contributes to the wellbeing and healthy living of the residents and users of the building and is prerequisite for a healthy, sustainable and energy-efficient building usage.

Simple forms, simple use, simply great! That is denro.

The identification mark of all products from the denro ONE series is the pure, geometric form. Through the striking shadow gap to the wall and a completely borderless design, the result is an extremely flat looking product architecture with an elegant impression. The clear esthetics of the product is sustainable and can be integrated in many design styles

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