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Room Thermostat
With this room thermostat, you have an overview at all times: the temperature appears on a display, and you can also see whether the heating is on and the night-time reduction is active. A new measuring procedure ensures especially accurate and fine regulation.
Busch-Room thermostat with timer raumtemptimer_an_RTR_Zeitst_1098_b


With this For precise and punctual warmth.

The Busch-Room thermostat with timer. For heating systems and electrical floor heating (with remote sensor). Easy to operate due to easy-to-understand menu on the user-friendly display. Programs for individual days or weeks are easy to set via the multifunctional rocker switch. Heating according to need is the key to save energy.


KNX Room thermostat with touch sensor raumtemptastsens_axcent_we_RTR_Lueftung_b


The module to suit all systems.

The room thermostat with the double touch sensor has the same characteristics as the KNX Fan Coil room thermostat. The difference is that it can be combined as module with the switch ranges and colours and be perfectly integrated into the overall system. The version with touch sensor can also be used as room control unit. This makes it especially attractive for refined tastes and high-quality objects.

KNX Fan Coil room thermostat raumtempfancoil_EIB_FanCoil_weiss_b


The KNX Fan Coil room thermostat for stand-alone operation.

The Fan Coil room thermostat with display is a room thermostat for ventilator convectors or conventional systems for heating and cooling. This option allows rooms to be fully air conditioned. The temperature can be adjusted to the individual’s personal feeling of well-being. The fan stages can be selected via buttons. Even large rooms can be heated or cooled by connecting additional air-conditioning units. The KNX Fan Coil room thermostat can be operated separately. The bus coupler is integrated in the control element.

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